Yuri's Night 2019



Yuri's Night 2019

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Yuri's Night L.A.  Sat. April 6, 2019


 “Houston, Tranquility Base Here...”

Apollo 11, the 1st humans to walk the moon

This year's epic Yuri's Night party will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins’ historic first mission to land people on the surface of the moon. Join us Saturday April 6, 2019 under the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion for an incredible experience of our place in the cosmos!

Featuring NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 10.48.47 AM.png

Story Musgrave kicks off our incredible stage show this year with tales from his SIX space shuttle flights including a flight on Endeavour (the shuttle that will be above your head)! On that mission Musgrave was the lead space walker for the 1st ever Hubble repair mission.

Born in 1935 on a dairy farm in Stockbridge, MA. He rode combines at 5, drove trucks and tractors at 10 and repaired them by 13.

Story never finished school, ran off to Korea with the U.S. Marines. He started flying with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in over 160 aircraft. He has 7 graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature and psychology. He was a part-time trauma surgeon during his 30 year astronaut career.

Story performed the first shuttle spacewalk on Challenger's first flight and on his last flight, he operated an electronic chip manufacturing satellite on Columbia. He currently works a million projects, speaks and runs a palm tree farm in Florida…Story is the MOST colorful and outrageous astronaut we know. We are sure you will love him.

Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Bill Nye.jpeg

Next up we have Planetary Society's one and only Bill Nye to entertain and delight us even as he is making us smarter.

Bill Nye is best known as the host of the PBS science show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” (1993–1998). His new series “Bill Nye Saves The World” debuted on Netflix in spring 2017.

Nye earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Cornell University and spent over 20 years working as an engineer until he combined his love of science and comedy to create “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” As a student at Cornell University, he was introduced to the wonders of astronomy in a class taught by Professor Carl Sagan, cofounder of The Planetary Society, which Nye now leads.

Bill will share some of his favorite thoughts on space and earth.

Mark “Forger” Stucky,
Virgin Galactic’s 1st Pilot Astronaut

Mark Stucky.jpg

We are also incredibly excited to present to you Mark “Forger” Stucky!! On Dec 13, 2018 he was the pilot in command of VSS Unity on it’s first spaceflight. Reaching an apogee of 51.4 miles/82.72 KM miles, the flight earned Forger and his co-pilot the the designation of “Astronaut.” He was awarded Commercial Astronaut wings by the FAA on Feb 7, 2019. Forger will share first hand his experience of piloting Virgin Galactic’s stick-and-rudder SpaceShip.

Forger is one of the most experienced SpaceShipTwo pilots in the Virgin Galactic pilot corp and has also flown the SR-71 Blackbird along with many other high performance aircraft for NASA and the Marines.

Stucky was featured in a fabulous New Yorker article last year that you should definitely check out before April 6th….

Jessica Encell Coleman, Founder of The Magic of Human Connection

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 6.08.25 PM.png

Join Jessica at 8pm inside the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion for her signature series of sacred and playful heart opening activities that she will facilitate for us that is consistently called "life changing" in an experience proven to create deep connection with amazing people. Through heart opening group activities we explore and activate the potential that exists for us to catalyze magic, joy, higher states of consciousness together.

A transformational and blissful journey into the heart of connection and the magic, love, healing and joy that lives there!

Pauli the PSM

pauli the psm.png

First coming to prominence as drummer for Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Pauli “The PSM” assumed the role of MD (music director) for Jamie xx and FKA twigs. 

In demand for countless high profile gigs, Pauli opted to leave MD duties behind and focus on his solo debut body of work 'The Idea of Tomorrow' (EP) featuring Idris Elba. The companion critically acclaimed short film (directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat) was described as "an Afro-futurist fairytale exploring themes of our current dystopian landscape set on the exoplanet, Kepler-452b."

In 2018 Pauli released his sophomore EP, 'Secret Life of a Badman' from new label 'Badman Space Program' which also aims to provide underprivileged children resources to learn about space exploration and science. Subsuquently, a teaser for new single 'Buss Case' was shown at NASA Kennedy Space Center in December.

At Yuri’s Night L.A. Pauli will premiere new visuals for “Buss Case” on our main stage!

Gray Bright, MC


Gray has been a host, a performer, moderate, emcee, collaborate, and participate in many local and international events, including Government & Corporate, TV & Film, Comedy Clubs, with ‘Monty Python’ at London’s O2 Arena, and performing comedy at NASA Kennedy Space Center during the launch of an Atlas V Rocket.

He has also been the host of Yuri’s Night L.A. for many great years. Gray brought us the Steve Hawking tribute and has also been seen interviewing people at the event on his motorized late night talk show desk!

Rod Roddenberry, Founder of Roddenberry Foundation


Rod will be doing a LIVE Underwater Q&A session from the California Science Center Kelp Forest (home of the Yuri’s Night Silent Disco!). Be sure to be there when doors open at 6 so you don’t miss his Q&A at 6:30 in the Aquarium area just outside the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Pavilion!

Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry Jr. is an American television producer and the chief executive officer of Roddenberry Entertainment.

Roddenberry is the son of legendary Star Trek writer and producer, Gene Roddenberry. Following in his father's footsteps, he champions the Roddenberry legacy to a new generation through original science fiction productions, merchandise, publishing, underwater adventures and philanthropy.

The Roddenberry legacy further lives on through the Roddenberry Dive Team, which was founded in 2010. Roddenberry leads the dive team in its exploration of underwater worlds and strives to inspire stewardship of the world's oceans. A scuba diver since 1993, Roddenberry holds a Divemaster certification and has led or participated in more than 1,000 dives from exotic locations around the world. 

Saturday, APRIL 6, 2019 6PM TO 12am

California Science CenterSamuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion




Come at 6pm to meet our ambassadors, attend an underwater Q&A with Rod Roddenberry, or pet space rocks and hardware.
At 7pm our space odyssey continues in the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Pavilion.

For many years you have been part of an elite team of bipedal hominids as crew of our beautiful, incredibly complex planet. Flying at over 490,000 MPH around the galactic center, she offers incredible views of our celestial neighbors, provides us with water and energy and can operate for millennia. 50 years ago humans walked on the moon for the first time. Now we celebrate.

Yuri's Night L.A. will be filled with dancing, drinks, art, costumes, and all things space. You might bump into an astronaut, a rocket scientist or Mars rover mission controller at the party... You start at the pre-party to meet your crewmates, then listen to a space explorer share his experience first hand, then we bring the lights down for you to take your own epic journey. DJs will be spinning until midnight and we will be dancing under the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion celebrating space, art and the power to bring us all together here on our beloved home world.








Space Ambassadors

Yuri's Night Ambassadors will be at the event in their dashing red sashes! Please go up to them during our Ambassador Meet at Greet at 6pm around the Apollo- Soyuz Command Module or anytime throughout the night and ask your favorite space questions!

Heidi Roddenberry:: President of the Roddenberry Foundation.

Kevin J DeBruin :: A Former NASA JPL Rocket Scientist, American Ninja Warrior, & Space Educator. Connect & learn with Kevin on Instagram - @kevinjdebruin

Amir Blachman :: Chief Business Officer for Axiom Space. In this role, Blachman is responsible for financial planning, funding, and strategic development for the world’s first private, international commercial space station, serving the international community of sovereign and private astronauts.

Catherine Machin :: Worlds highest crowdfunded Space Artist. Catherine collaborates with Space Authorities to create Art that connects people to the universe.

Geoffrey Notkin :: President of the National Space Society, science writer and space columnist, Emmy-winning host of TV’s “Meteorite Men” and “STEM Journals,” Geoffrey is a spaceflight advocate, meteorite specialist, and CEO of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc.. An indie film and documentary producer, he is currently executive producer on “First to the Moon: The Journey of Apollo 8,” directed by Paul Hildebrandt.

Estevan Guzman :: Astronomical Artist and Animator for Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, CA who self-identifies as a “space artist”. 

Jannicke Mikkelsen :: VR film Director and cutting edge Cinematographer. She is internationally known for her work as film director with the British rock band QUEEN on their virtual reality film VR The Champions and creator of the interactive installation Lunar Window™ set to tour with the Apollo 11, 50th celebration global-outreach campaign 'The People’s Moon'. 

Glentrez Thornton :: Founder and CEO of Modernly Nerdish, and former electrical engineer and SpaceX leader. Glentrez, is devoted to sharing his unique stories to motivate, inspire, and refuel leaders and entrepreneurs.

Barbara Belvisi :: Founder and CEO at Interstellar Lab, which goal is to build bioregenerative systems and sustainable habitats for humans to live sustainably on any planets, starting with Earth.

Mara Hitner :: Director of Business Development for MatterHackers (3D printing and digital fabrication retailer) Mara is inspired by the possibilities 3D printing has for the future of personal and off-world manufacturing. She strives to empower and equip everyone to create our future by turning the ideas they have into the things they use.

MaryLiz Bender :: Associate Producer for Planetary Radio and co-Founder/Empathy Evangelist at Cosmic Perspective. She uses immersive art and creative outreach to tell the story of the Cosmic Perspective. Be sure to say hello and learn more about the movement she’s building at her Cosmic Perspective booth and projected experience in the interactive zone.


Mister Fusion, by Henry Change

Mister Fusion, by Henry Change

Art Cars at the Entrance

(R2D2 and other characters will pose with you at 5:45pm. Pre-party at the entrance.)

AREA15, an experiential immersive entertainment complex, anchored by Meow Wolf that will opening in Las Vegas in the beginning of 2020, will be bringing Henry Chang’s master piece, Mister Fusion, a futuristic art car of the highest caliber to the entry sequence of Yuri’s Night. If Yuri Gagarin could have chosen a car to launch into space, it would be the one! Be sure to spot the decommissioned Fusion chamber and make sure you get your picture before Check-in!

Tommy Tejeda will be bringing his live experience Nova Star UFO.  Step into another world before you even enter. 

The “Delorean Time Machine” made famous from the movie “Back to the Future” from Part #1 owned and driven by Lenny Hochteil under the name 1.21 GIGAWATT GUYS will be coming back this year!

Nova Star UFO, by Tommy Tejeda

Nova Star UFO, by Tommy Tejeda

Samuel Oschin Pavilion: Shuttle Endeavour

7pm - 12am

COLONY, an immersive art experience coming to Los Angeles in 2020 is grounded in the The “Overview Effect”, will be a living museum where artists and craftsman build, share and collaborate. It will be a watering hole for wizards, incorporating a cafe with a speakeasy portal, and a place where great humans are shaped, learned and taught before being released back into the world and taking the experience with them wherever they go, knowing they can always return to Colony for a recharge. Experience the joy of the first earth viewing asteroid from their art installation under the shuttle this year!

Quiet Events Headsets will be used from 7 - 8pm for our live stage show, making sure everyone can hear!

VIP Lounge will provide a private bar, Moon themed comfortable seating, and interviews by Planetary Radio’s Mat Kaplan.

Vortex Immersion Media will let you stomp and play on their interactive floor projections.! Their Map Projections at the External Tank and LA Zone will add visual play to delight your senses. Projection artist Julie Hardin.

Red Pill bridging the seen world and the virtual world in real time to sick beats with professional DJ’s and an Electric Forrest.

Infinity Box creator Matt Elson, renowned installation artist at Burning Man & set for Area 15 in Vegas, will provide Space Themed Infinity Boxes

Live art mural drawing onsite starting at 9pm!

Photo Booth Get your crew photo in front of the Space Shuttle and get both a digital and a hard copy you can take home with you! Props provided by SnapYourself to augment your out of this world costume!

Sponsor Logo wall step and repeat will provide onsite professional photo’s later listed in the official Yuri’s Night social media red carpet photo’s.

Intergalactics and Starfleet table providing onsite information as well as glow sticks to light up your night!

SparkleBlob will be back this year with more DIY Yuri’s Night button making wearables!

Cosmic Bars will be at the nose and tail of the shuttle with food passed out near the RS25 Engine

Central Organizer (with the beautiful floor)

6pm - 12am

Main bar to quench your thirst while experiencing the center of the event.

Loretta Whitesides Book “The New Right Stuff” for sale by Jedi’s trained at Virgin Galactic.

Essentia Water free all night

The Planetary Society offering wonderful way’s to become part of their many programs.

Ambient music in Central Organizer and LA Zone "Music for Space" is the sophomore album release for Test Shot Starfish. This album celebrates the entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers which are the true rockstars of today. The soundtrack aims to inspire all humans and their achievements toward the goal of life as a multiplanetary species. From decades past and into the future the desire for exploration is more relevant than it ever was. For all humans looking toward the future and making it what they want it to be, this is honoring them. - Subtractive

Yuri’s Night Merchandise with tee shirts, temporary tattoo’s, pins, patches and more!

Endeavour Together: Virtual Reality

6pm - 12am.

Positron Theater experience like you’ve never seen before. 8 unique pods creating a portal to distant worlds, content provided by Technicolor.

FuseFX will bring you VR Buzz Aldrin: Cycling the Pathway to Mars and a tour of Yuri Gagarin's capsule.

LA Zone: Aerospace Community, Play, and Free Gifts

6pm - 12am

Virgin Galactic/Virgin Orbit/The Spaceship Company Outreach table with exciting developments in space tourism as well as next steps in exploration. 3 Companies under one umbrella will each bring a taste of the the present and the future! Virgin Orbit, Virgin Galactic, TSC

JPL educating on deep water and deep space. With three major art installations throughout Yuri’s Night as well as helping Rod Roddenberry answer questions at 6:30pm in the Kelp Forrest, JPL will also provide an outreach table with free giveaway’s and experts on hand.

MatterHackers will be showing the latest in desktop 3D printing technology for home, classroom, and business, with experts on hand to answer all your questions. 3D printing is ‘how’ we will accomplish many of our interstellar dreams. Stop by and register to win a MatterHackers Pulse 3D printer!! Must be at YNLA and sign up at the table in LA Zone to enter, but one does not need to be present to win. Winner will be emailed on Monday April 8, 2019. Sign up while you grab stickers, "I Love 3D Printing" wristbands, and other goodies to show your 3D printing pride.

Aerojet Rocketdyne will have volunteers on hand to answer questions about their RS25 engine in the shuttle room as well as an outreach table in the LA Zone! Come get your free swag and see what’s new at Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Columbia Memorial Space Center will provide STEM experiences from their FREE City of STEM YN KIDS event at CMSC earlier in the day on April 6! Come adult play like a kid! There are many who go to both events. This is a great family choice.

UCSB's NASA Directed Energy interstellar program team will have laser array demos and wafer scale spacecraft they are testing for the NASA Starlight and Breakthrough Starshot's trip to Alpha Centauri!

Cosmic Perspective Immerse yourself in the rocket launch experience. Feel the rumble of the powerful rocket and the emotion of the scientists and engineers who watch their missions launch to space. Experience and download our behind-the-scenes rocket launch documentaries through Augmented Reality-enabled rocket posters and learn more about the movement we’re building to reignite curiosity and passion for space exploration. You can’t miss our large-scale projection in the atrium, as your make your way to the interactive booths. This experience will feature our epic slow-motion rocket launch footage from cameras we've placed at the launch pads.

Space For Humanity will give you the opportunity to be chosen as a citizen astronaut, paid for by the donations of an angel network.

ISS Above will be there showing you how to build your own wearable ISS flyover reminder.

121C Carbon Fiber Skateboards. Material upcycled from rockets, seriously.

River Zone: Art show!

Apollo 11 Fine Art and Memorabilia - Specially curated Apollo 11 themed art exhibit and artists, for your viewing pleasure! Located in the River Zone, there, you can view and discuss the art with the artists, Chris Calle (who will also be showing art by his father, Paul Calle), Marilynn Flynn, Doug Forrest (Apollo-Arts), Simon Kregar, Pamela Lee, Mark Pestana, Michelle Rouch, and Aldo Spadoni.

In 1969, Paul Calle was the only artist allowed in with the Apollo 11 crew as they were suiting up on the morning of the launch. Chris Calle, an accomplished artist himself, got to play his dad sketching the astronauts in the traditional launch breakfast scene in the recent movie about Neil Armstrong, “First Man”.

Extreme Zone

Area 15 Interactive free swag and info table. This is the space you want to see in Vegas!


DON’T MISS. Each year we start the party with something special and this year will knock your socks off (someone is getting wet!) Our suggestion is to get to CSC by 5:30pm to take pictures with the music playing, light show providing art cars. Mr. Fusion and an upgraded life sized interstellar UFO are so incredible, they may be your favorite part of the night! Your second reason to get there early is so you can be first in line to see Rod Roddenberry (Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son) dive into to Kelp Forest Aquarium at 6:30pm and answer questions about how exploring our deep oceans assists in interplanetary explorations, especially Europa. NASA/JPL volunteers will assist with answering questions in this featured aquatic adventure and be available throughout the night. The LaunchPad starts at 6:00-7:00pm. During that hour, you can explore the deep as well as grab a drink and meet this year’s featured Yuri’s Night Ambassador’s at the top of the escalator surrounded by the Apollo-Soyuz Command Module, the Gemini XI Capsule, a lunar sample collected during the Apollo 11 landing and an Apollo 16 Command Module space suit.

Launch Pad- Room 1- out of this world art cars OUTSIDE ENTRANCE, BEFORE registration


Launch Pad talk- Room 3 - Kelp Forest Aquarium (just next to entrance to Shuttle Pavilion)

6:30pm - 7:00pm Rod Roddenberry:  Rod will be diving into the Kelp Forest Tank to do a live Q&A with YOU! Space LIMITED, be early!

Launch pad explorations- Astrophotography near the External tank by OPT, Multiple experts in aerospace in “La zone,” virtual reality games and tours in “Endeavour:mission 26,” and Fine art gallery. All open all night.

Dancing Under the Space Shuttle Endeavour and Silent Disco in the Aquarium!

This year we are featuring TWO rooms of epic dance music. 

Under the Shuttle: The evening culminates with an epic dance party under the Space Shuttle Endeavour and inside the magical Kelp Forest. We'll be bringing you sick space beats until midnight. It is a unique opportunity to party under a national treasure. You are welcome to dress up, costumes encouraged!

In the Aquarium: This year we will bring tandem DJ line-ups to our second room of music in the "Kelp Forest" (the museum's aquarium space). You can walk through an aquarium tunnel and dance next to a 25 foot high wall of aquarium (without disturbing the fish!).

Rosetta Nebula, by OPT

Rosetta Nebula, by OPT

Astrophotography Garden

Oceanside Photo and Telescope (OPT) is bringing the cosmos to you! Come hang out in the Astrophotography Garden, where they will be live streaming deep space objects from their remote observatories.  Experts in Astrophotography will be there to not only share this experience with you, but guide you through taking your very own images while you enjoy your beverage of choice near the cosmically lit External Tank! Don’t forget to enter their giveaway for your chance to win a large metal print of the Andromeda Galaxy and grab some free OPT Swag while you’re there!

VIP Tickets

VIPs will have a dedicated entry line at registration, two free drink tickets of their choice, as well as an exclusive VIP lounge in the main shuttle room with couches and a dedicated bar. 

VIPs will also have two rows of chairs reserved at the front of the event for the main stage show. They will be held for VIPs until 5 minutes before the start of show as which case they will be opened for anyone to fill in. All speakers and ambassadors are also invited to hang out in the VIP Lounge.

There is a cash bar there for cocktails. 

Event F.A.Qs

Will there be food?

Be sure to eat a good dinner before you come at 6pm. We will have vegan and chicken burritos and flatbread pizza available this year to guests to keep you going into the wee hours of the morning! All is included in your ticket price so you don’t need to stand in line to buy food tickets this year.

What should I wear?

Yuri's Night is a Space Theme-Nightclub that encourages costumes, creativity, play and full self-expression! You can wear black pants or galaxy leggings, or your favorite Sci-fi costume! We will be giving out a “Best Costume Award” at the end of the night!

Is this an all ages event?

Since this is a night club environment we don't encourage people to bring kids. But just like at Burning Man, some people will. If you would bring your kids to Burning Man, feel free to bring them to Yuri's Night. We are only checking your age if you want to drink. If you are looking for a Yuri's Night event designed for kids, please check out Yuri's Night Kids at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in nearby Downey.

Yuri's Night Kids - Black.png

Looking for a family friendly space event during the DAY? You're in luck!  Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey will be hosting a Yuri's Night Kids event 10am-5pm on Sat April 6, 2019, for a day of space themed activities, fun, and the opportunity to see what rocket science is all about! Yuri’s Night Kid’s will be part of the City of STEM launch party with over 50 scientific organizations providing hands on learning for our kids!!  Learn more here


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"Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship,
 I marveled at the beauty of our planet.

People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty —
not destroy it!" 
— Yuri Gagarin,
1st human in space.


"Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship,
 I marveled at the beauty of our planet.

People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty —
not destroy it!" 
— Yuri Gagarin,
1st human in space.